Safe asbestos removal in Sydney

Let the experts remove asbestos for you

Known as one of the most dangerous naturally occurring substances, asbestos is often found in buildings as an old insulation method. As a result, it can go unaddressed and cause a plethora of serious health problems through inhalation, such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis. CJE Excavation & Demolition strongly recommends you let our professional team perform all asbestos removal for you.

100% removal of asbestos guaranteed

Along with other hazardous chemicals, asbestos can show itself during demolition or similar construction processes. With such an attentive, careful team of trained personnel, we can quickly identify and remove all asbestos and hazardous chemicals with ease. Many demolition companies don’t necessarily possess the expertise or acuity to carry out asbestos removal properly, but CJE Excavation & Demolition has over 20 years of experience in this industry.

Our asbestos removal methods

We’re very proud of our asbestos removal service and always take every safety precaution in the book. If you detect or are worried about the presence of asbestos in your building in Sydney, we advise that you don’t waste your time pursuing unreliable companies. Our comprehensive asbestos removal service covers:

  • Bonded asbestos removal
  • Ceiling asbestos
  • External wall sheeting and cladding
  • Internal wall sheeting
  • Roof sheeting and cladding
  • Asbestos lino flooring
  • Asbestos clearance certificates from a hygienist as required by your building and council
  • Safe asbestos removal

Get in touch with us on 0412 250 906 if you require effective asbestos removal in Sydney.

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